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Joy Global Introduces P&H 4800XPC

Joy Global introduces the P&H 4800XPC, the company’s largest electric mining shovel, with a 135sT payload designed to three pass load 400sT ultra-class haul trucks. Built upon the proven performance of the P&H 4100XPC AC, its design leverages new Adaptive Controls technology (patents pending) with ultra-class machine structures to enable the larger payload and increase efficiencies.

Joy Global Introduces the P&H 285XPC Drill

Joy Global has added to its rotary blasthole drill product offering to provide a wider range of solutions for hard rock applications. The new P&H 285XPC provides up to 53,524 kg (118,000 lbs.) of bit loading specifically designed for 270 and 311 mm (10 5/8” and 12 ¼”) diameter holes, making it well suited for the majority of copper and iron applications. “This new drill will carry on the P&H legacy for durability,” stated Eric Wilkinson, Product Manager. “It will feature the same powerful propel structures and robust pulldown systems as our other P&H drills.”

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