Life Cycle Management


And assuring long-lasting performance throughout the life of your equipment

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management SupportJoy Global Surface Mining’s life cycle management support lowers mining costs by helping you optimize equipment performance throughout its life in the mine.

Local Joy Global Surface Mining teams work on-site and in local service centers to provide superior maintenance service and quality parts. Team members also recommend productivity-enhancing options and modernizations to keep equipment up to date and ready to achieve the lowest cost per ton.

Partnering with you, a long-standing P&H tradition, is now further strengthened thanks to agreements such as life cycle management contracts, cost per hour/ton, parts contracts, and parts alliances that unite manufacturer and miner in the pursuit of greater profitability through increased productivity of their mining equipment.

Fixed cost-per-hour or cost-per-ton contracts for mine shovels allow mines to optimize profits by budgeting specific amounts to maintain the equipment. When you know your maintenance costs will not exceed a set amount, you can reduce costs and minimize risks. Such arrangements enable Joy Global Surface Mining to perform proactive component change-outs, greatly reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.

Unique offerings such as mechanical and electrical inspections, and comprehensive preventive maintenance plans help keep equipment made by P&H and others in peak operating condition year after year.

Whether your OEM equipment support requirements are minimal or comprehensive, Joy Global Surface Mining tailors our Life Cycle Management (LCM) support capabilities to your needs to help you meet your cost objectives and optimize profits.

And when the time comes, Joy Global Surface Mining helps you re-commission or sell equipment that is no longer needed through relocation, re-erection and modernization at another site, or through used equipment brokering.

Above all, Joy Global Surface Mining brings a strong focus on Safety to every facet of its service support operations.

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