A custom-engineered Stamler feeder-breaker


long life, low maintenance and superior dependability

Surface Feeder-Breakers

The Joy feeder-breaker is designed to cut your operating costs and increase your productivity. Joy feeder-breakers can be designed for a variety of mining and industrial applications, including coal, phosphate, cement, limestone, petroleum coke and gypsum board, among other materials. By custom designing and building the feeder-breaker for your specific haulage and conveyor systems, your operation will realize optimum availability and reliability.

  • Joy feeder-breakers feature a low, horizontal profile that operates without eccentric motion to provide the lowest height truck dump installation of any crusher arrangement available.
  • For maximum space efficiency, each feeder-breaker features an integral surge hopper (if required), a flight conveyor, and a rotary pick breaker.
  • Specific material output size is achieved by breaker picks and a pick pattern designed to work with conveyor flights.
  • High-strength engineered conveyor chain, with hardened link pins, is specially manufactured for long life, low maintenance and superior dependability.
  • Breaker drives are electro-mechanical with direct drive and chain and sprocket arrangement options.
  • Optional crawler, wheel or skid mounting provides mobility to help reduce haulage cycle time and increase productivity.

When compared to conventional primary crushers, Joy feeder-breakers offer:

  • Lower initial cost
  • Easier installation – Site excavation and concrete work are reduced or eliminated
  • Higher throughput per horsepower
  • Lower power consumption
  • Fewer fines – The material is fractured rather than crushed.
  • Larger lumps of material handled routinely
  • Lower profile – Most haulage equipment can discharge directly into the feeder hopper. No need for ramps or costly elevating and discharge conveyors.


Joy Global is a leading supplier of feeding, sizing and reclaim feeder equipment for mining operations.

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