4800XPC Shovel

Joy Global Introduces P&H 4800XPC, Its Largest Electric Mining Shovel

Joy Global introduces the P&H 4800XPC, our largest electric mining shovel, with a 135sT payload designed to three pass load 400sT ultra-class haul trucks. Built upon the proven foundation of the P&H 4100XPC AC, it leverages technology and intelligent design to raise the bar for electric mining shovel productivity. The new Adaptive Controls technology suite (patents pending), along with design changes to optimize the machine structures, enables the larger payload and improves overall shovel loading efficiency. The 4800XPC is designed to provide up to a 20% increase in production along with a decrease in cost per ton of up to 10% when compared to the 4100XPC AC.

Contact your Joy Global representative for more information on the entire line of P&H shovels.